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We will show you how to save 25Gb of space and How to Clean Previous Windows Installation Files after latest Windows 10 Update. The process is fairly simple and we don't need any external tools for the job.

Télécharger Windows Installer CleanUp Utility (gratuit) Windows Installer CleanUp Utility est un utilitaire conçu pour supprimer les informations d'installation pour les programmes qui ont été ajouté à l’aide de Windows Installer. Cleaning the Windows\Installer folder - Microsoft Community The Windows Installer Cache, located in c:\windows\installer folder, is used to store important files for applications installed using the Windows Installer technology and should not be deleted. The installer cache is used to maintain (remove / update) the applications and patches installed on the machine. disk space - How to clean Windows\Installer folder in ... My C:\Windows\Installer folder is huge: 14 GB. My understanding is that this is where failed updates go to die, and it should not be this big. What is the correct way to clean it on Windows 10? My understanding is that this is where failed updates go to die, and it should not be this big.

[v3.1.0] WICleanup – Windows Installer unused files cleanup tool ... WICleanup is an application used for scanning and clearing away the unused, unwanted Windows Installer redundancy (junk) files inside system (MSI and MSP files in the “\Windows\Installer” folder), with full name “Windows Installer UnUsed Files Cleanup Tool”. Windows Installer CleanUp Utility - Yep! Download This file will download from Windows Installer CleanUp Utility's developer website. How to clean out 20 GB or more from your Windows 10 installation | ITworld Instead, you'll have to use Windows 10's Disk Cleanup tool. To run it, type Disk Cleanup in the search bar, and then click the Disk Cleanup program entry that appears.

About Author Andreas Stenhall. I'm Andreas Stenhall and my work passion is Windows 10 in combination with Enterprise Mobility. I do consulting, I produce and teach my own courses, I lecture and I present and my formal work title is senior workplace architect at Coligo in Stockholm, Sweden. Delete Temporary Windows Installation Files In Windows 10 In this guide, we will see how to delete Temporary Windows installation files to free up disk space on a PC running Windows 10. Temporary Windows installation files may not be present on your PC if you recently used a third-party disk cleaning utility or if you recently performed a clean install of Windows 10. After the Windows 10 installation, the clean-up -- here's ... In order to remove it you must use the Disk Cleanup program on Windows 10. To do this click on the Search icon in the taskbar or tap the Windows key to open the Start Menu and just start typing Disk cleanup (1). You should see the Disk Cleanup program entry at the top of the search results (2). Click or tap the program name to start it.

PatchCleaner is a free tool which can detect and safely remove junk files from the \Windows\Installer folder, potentially freeing up gigabytes of hard drive space.

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